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Wills & Legacies

Remember Mary Feilding Guild in your will.

After you have remembered your family and friends, please help us to help others by including a gift to the Guild in your will. Legacies have always formed an important part of our charitable income and have the added benefit of being exempt from Inheritance tax, thus reducing the tax payable on the estate. For example, a donation of £20,000 will reduce the IHT by £8000.

Making a new will

Everyone who has property or possessions should make a will and keep it up to date. If you have children and immediate family, you will want to secure their future first but by making a donation to Mary Feilding Guild you would be helping us to continue our work. Your solicitor will help with the correct wording and procedures and will advise on how best to reduce your liability to inheritance tax and on the appointment of executors. If you decide to leave a legacy to Mary Feilding Guild the money left to the charity will be free of inheritance tax.

Updating your will

If you have already made a will, it is easy to change it or make additions to it. Minor alterations such as leaving a bequest or a legacy to Mary Feilding Guild Benefit Fund can be made by a codicil, which is a formal addition to your will.

Do not change your will by crossing parts out or adding words as this may invalidate it. If you want to change your will, your solicitor will draw up the necessary codicil for you to sign or you can do this yourself by clicking below to print a codicil form and instructions.

Download a Codicil form