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Admission Criteria


As a deliberate policy our residents on admission are fairly independent, both physically and mentally. This makes for a more active community than is usual in residential care homes, and one which can accept and support those older residents who have become more dependent over the years.

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Specifically, residents on admission would be expected to be able to dress themselves unaided, make their own breakfast and generally manage in their bed-sitting rooms unsupervised by care staff. They should be able to walk at least short distances (for example to the dining room) with or without the aid of a stick. Many residents exceed these minimum requirements.

We could not accept people with (for example) bad mobility problems, regular incontinence, dementia or other mental illness. There are many good homes which cater for such requirements, but the Guild wishes to offer a different environment for people whose needs are perhaps as much social as strictly care.


There are no requirements regarding income or capital. People of limited means are encouraged to apply, as a number of bursaries are available. The overall aim of the Managing Committee is to provide financial security for life to all residents making their home at the Guild.

Guild residents are elderly people who come from all parts of the United Kingdom. Married couples can also be considered for admission. Each applicant is considered as an individual, and Guild staff must assess their needs prior to admission in line with current legislation. The Guild is not a registered nursing home, and applicants in need of full-time nursing care cannot be accepted.

Admission Procedure

The Director welcomes enquiries about the Guild and will be glad to show anyone interested round the home by appointment Monday to Friday 9am-5pm.

Applicants are asked to complete a simple application form and a self-assessment questionnaire. They are also asked to request their GP to fill in a medical report form. Unless the medical form indicates the presence of a condition which could not be catered for at the Guild, an assessment is then carried out by the Guild's Head of Care.

After all admission procedures are concluded a formal offer of a room will be made.

Practical advice will be offered at all stages of the moving in process.